Cute Cat Pinterest Boards to Follow


I love sharing my favorite finds (and, OK, occasionally wasting time) on Pinterest. But not long ago I realized that I needed some more sources of kitty-cat cuteness, and I decided to find some new cat-centric boards to follow. 

Now I'm pretty picky about my cat pics. Not just any board was going to make the cut. But I found a few that meet my standards. 


I love Pinner Ayaka Isoyama’s eye for artistic, distinctive cat pictures. 



For kitten pictures, I’m liking the Pinner who just goes by I Am … 



Another vast resource for cute kitten pics is Pinner Bobby Schaefer. With thousands of kitten pictures, there’s enough sweetness on this Pinterest board to brighten even your worst day. 



Black cats hold a special place in my heart, as that’s the fur color of my own little dude, Calvin. Pinner Alexandra May’s images of black cats are high-quality and varied. 



Of course, you can also follow on Pinterest. On my personal Pinterest account, I pin lots of cats and other aww-inspiring animals (but, really, mostly cats) on my Cute board.


If you haven't tried out Pinterest yet and are looking for a guide to start pinning kitty pictures and other awesome stuff, here’s how to get started.

Published on: 
Sunday, March 2, 2014