How To Turn Your Dog Friends Into Cat People!


We love dogs, but this is a cat site after all, so I thought I would share how you can convince your dog friends to include cats in their furry family.


1. Cats are funny! They are humble too, because cats don’t even realize how funny they are! They don’t require a large amount of space to pull off their antics, like dogs do, and they certainly don’t need your approval to goof around! 

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2. Cats are quieter and more polite than dogs! They will never accost your visitors at the door, and a cat will never bark at your neighbors as they pull into their driveway! They will greet you when you come home, though! 


3. Cats don’t need to be walked! But, if your dog-loving friends want to walk them, cats can be trained to walk on leashes! How cool is that?


4. Cats bring you love gifts. Yay! We love getting little presents of mice and bugs, don’t you? Cats are great at keeping insects out of your house!


5. Cat purrs are the best sound ever. Did you know that the vibration of purring is actually healing? Can your dog help you get rid of your tummy ache, or soothe you when you are feeling blue? (Well, okay, they can make you feel better when you are down, we’ll give them that, but they still can’t purr!!!)


6. Cats smell better than dogs!! This is just a fact!!


Cats are super-cute, and soft too! But, we know you don’t need convincing that cats are amazing…that’s how you found!


Published on: 
Saturday, May 24, 2014