It’s Time For a Party!


A kitty Birthday party that is! B-day parties for your kitty, or kitties as the case may be,are all the rage! Make a cake, decorate and make sure to get some gifts. Invite your friends over and enjoy watching your cats’ excitement when they get to play with their new birthday toys!

A friend of mine recently held a first birthday party for her four kitties. Their mom is a rescue from their street that they took in, only to find her pregnant. They kept the kittens along with mam, and the babies recently had their first birthday! Liza Mae, Princess Zelda, Peaches Marlene and Winchester Northman all enjoyed their new toys and new cat tree!


Liza Mae checking out the cupcakes.


Make sure to decorate and have refreshments for your human friends too!

Remember all decorations should be kitty-friendly, as some ribbon and other party favors can cause injury if kitty is left unattended.


Winchester Northman looking for a drink.


Peaches Marlene on her new cat tree (Do you think she will share with her siblings?)


So next time your kitty has a birthday don’t forget to hit the party store and stock up on Hello Kitty or Pusheen themed party decorations. You could even play pin the tail on the dog! Invite all your kitty loving friends (i.e., other crazy cat ladies and cat daddies), and celebrate with your furry babies.


The kittens with mama- Their first baby pic!

Published on: 
Wednesday, April 16, 2014