A Valentine's Message from a Single Cat


Hi, everyone. I'm Calvin. Yes, I know Valentine’s Day is coming, and I am a single cat, but that is no reason to be bummed. Let me show you what I mean! 


There are so many ways to meet that special someone now. Like online dating. Hmmm. I’m having trouble typing my profile without opposable thumbs, though. Could someone help? 


I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking. When I hang out in the sink, I visualize cuddling there with my special lady. Which I guess means she would have to fit in the sink. Sorry, human ladies. 


But even though I love to cuddle, I still enjoy my independence, and I am not clingy. OK, yes, my humans claim I can be a little clingy. But I ask you, could a clingy cat spend time alone in his man cave like this? 


So, until I meet Ms. Right, I’ll just be spending my time on top of my cat tree looking handsome. Ladies, maybe you’d like to make this picture your phone background … you know, to remind you to call me.

Published on: 
Sunday, February 9, 2014