Is Your Cat Sexist?



Is your cat sexist? I’m wondering if anyone else notices differences in the way their cats react to men and women.

Our cat, Calvin, is an easygoing guy, but he has a very different relationship with me than he does with my husband, Jeff. He’d rather play with Jeff. He’s been as blatant as ignoring a toy mouse that I throw, only to chase it when my husband gives it a toss. But when he’s ready to cuddle, he seeks me out. 

With my previous cat, Sally, the cuddle situation was reversed: Once she warmed up to Jeff, she decided that his lap had mine beat. 

Did my cats choose their favorite cuddle buddies based on gender? Or do other factors explain their preferences? Maybe Calvin is more affectionate with me because I’m squishier than my husband is and I wear a fuzzy bathrobe — all the better for “biscuit making.” And maybe Sally preferred Jeff because she was petite and skittish and he is tall and calm. 

As for playing differences, Calvin was close to his feline foster brother, who taught him how to play. And he had a cool human foster uncle. 

None of this is a huge deal, of course. But I admit that I feel a little flattered when I flick the fishing pole toy the right way and capture Calvin’s imagination, and I think my husband is touched when Calvin gives him a cuddle. Even if he is a tad sexist, the most important thing to us is that we have a happy, healthy pet who makes us happy in return. 

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Sunday, March 16, 2014