Tom-Tom's Dream

Description: is proud to release Tom-Tom's Dream, Videos for Cats, Volume 1. This movie is filmed in amazing HD and the footage can appear 3D at times, without the glasses! Tom-Tom's Dream is over 2 hours in length and it plays on a continuous loop - your kitty will stay entertained while you are away.

Beautiful, captivating footage, filmed with real bird and animal noises makes this production a wonderful treat for cats. 

Praise for “Tom-Tom’s Dream”

Who would have guessed that the very medium responsible for the “couch-potatoes” of the world would be the thing that turned my cat into an active hunter?!  I’m referring to the amazing video “Tom-Tom’s Dream”.  My son was home from college and a few of his friends had gathered in the playroom to watch some videos.   When I first heard the shrieks of laughter, I assumed they had found some classic comedy in the archives.  Instead, I found our 5-year old orange tabby, Clyde, leaping and swiping at the brilliantly colored birds and fish filling the screen.  He was completely transfixed by the images and sounds.  It was astonishing to see how long he continued to “play” at the video.  I have spent untold amounts of money on my treasured tabbies through the years – but this was by far the best gift ever!!


Tom-Tom's Dream

Product Features: 
Filmed in High Definition but plays on standard DVD players
Over 2 Hours in length
Movie loops for continuous play
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