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  • Purr-Burr! Kitties Get Cold Inside!

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    Burr. Burr. Burr. Burr. Burr No More!

    Here in Texas, we just began our first serious cold spell. Yes, it gets very cold in parts of Texas and my cat family is not enjoying this one bit. While I’m a work-at-home cat mom, and keep the house relatively warm during the day, I found one of our kitties burrowing his way under our covers this morning. I felt his little ears and they were cold, signaling to me that his body temp was not where it should be.

    Warming him up was essential, so I put my thick gardening sweater over him for extra warmth. That’s one trick to help teach your kitties to curl into warm fabric if it’s not their usual sleeping spot. If I’ve worn it to work in the yard a bit, my cats always claim it for warmth. It’s a regular fleece, sweatshirt style jacket with the strings taken out of the hood for safety.

    Here are some other tips for keeping your cats warm this winter:

    Keep cat beds on carpeted areas. Many times a cat bed is placed on the floor in a quiet spot in the corner. What if that spot is on ceramic tile or a hardwood floor? Cold from the floor eventually makes the bed not-so-cozy. Try placing your kitty’s bed on top of a small square of carpet or a small area rug, or even a folded blanket. The more layers between your kitty and the floor, the warmer she’ll be. Sometimes, we move the cat beds up on top of a sofa or chair, with a towel or blanket placed under the bed. Hot air rises. Create a cat bed spot that's higher than the cold floor and you've instantly given kitty a warmer spot to sleep.

    Leave fur long. When you take your cat for grooming, ask them to leave her hair long. Seems sensible, right? I just saw a cat waltz out of a grooming salon with a lovely lion cut, with the shortest fur only a quarter-inch thick. If this cat’s fur had been left long, she would surely be warmer this winter. Cat coats naturally fill out more during the winter months to keep them warm. Unless there is an altercation with a skunk, keep the short haircuts at bay until the warmer months are back.

    Provide sweaters and coats. You may have seen stores display cute sweaters and coats for cats, but they’re not just for novelty. There are many new brands of cat wear that are made specifically for colder environments. Here are some of our favorite cat clothing designs:


    A custom-made outfit is just the right fit for this kitty.

    Sewing Cats and Dogs specializes in custom-made cat clothing. The website offers many different styles, colors and fabrics to choose from. Their hand-made touch is just right for the pampered cat.
    To view: Custom-made cat clothes

    Plaid Coat from The Gilded Paw

    The Gilded Paw offers an elegant outfit for the most pampered feline. The plaid coat shown here looks specifically chosen for this lovely kitty. This brown and tan plaid coat is purrfect for any sophisticated feline. The coat slips over their head and has a Velcro closure around their belly.
    To view: Plaid Kitty Coat

    A cat. A boa. Is there anything more beautiful?

    While it's not really for warmth, it was so cute that I had to add this in for fun. For the ultimate cat party outfit, give your cat a boa. Yes, a boa collar. Think about it…A cat...a boa...destruction! Well, it’s the thought that counts, right? Most importantly, it’s for those very fast photos you shoot of your kitty in her boa just before she rips it to shreds with delight!
    To view: Cat Boa Collar

    She is a feline snow queen!

    Emma Rose "Holiday Princess In Crystals" is noted as a favorite holiday dress for cats. Pronged set Swarovski crystals throughout the skirt of this lovely velvet dress just sparkle. The outfit is silk lined with white marabou trim. A Tulle underskirt on this dress will give just the right amount of poof!! Poof? Yes, poof for the pampered kitty! Your little one will sparkle like all our holidays should.
    To view: Holiday Princess in Crystals Party Dress

    Remember those old-fashioned printed cat pillows? What fun!

    Can’t get enough clothing for your kitty? Here is an old-fashioned stuffed cat pillow featuring a lovely kitty in a vintage red coat complete with white fur or a purrfect white dress with holiday trim! I found this cute set on and remembered the stuffed animal pillows of the early 20th century, passed down to my mother and then lovingly worn out by me!
    To view: Well-Dressed Christmas Cat Panel for Pillows

    Other solutions to keeping your cat warm include the obvious. Leave the heat on. Although it might save a bit of money to decrease the temperature or turn the heat off during the day while you're at work, be mindful that your cat is still home. Use this rule of thumb – if you would be uncomfortably cold, most likely your cat will be, too.

    Last, but not least, Cuddle. Snuggling with your kitty will not only warm her body temperature, but it will be sure to warm both your hearts!

    Show us your kitty clothing! Upload photos and videos to your profile here on, where you can meet new cat parents and get to know other cats in our community.

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  • Cat DVD & CD Are Purrfect Treats

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    Make ‘Em Purr: Video and CD Made for Cats

    We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe you’re a bit stressed out about now, after that 4 a.m shopping trip to snag Black Friday deals which were, miraculously, extended throughout the weekend. What about the new stress-building machine called Cyber Monday? All this shopping frenzy, with noisy plastic bags and large boxes being rushed into the house, can create stress and anxiety that is easily detected by your cat family. Think of the anxiety it causes your cats when everything in the house is being decorated for the holidays and suddenly THERE’S A TREE (!!!) that they can’t climb. You, the cat parent, are charged with creating a calm environment for your family...and yourself. We have two great ideas to help you pull off Operation Calm, and have some fun with your cats, too.

    Chi-Chi's Adventure

    The amazingly talented staff here at proudly presents the purrfect DVD for cats: Chi-Chi’s Adventure. With butterflies, birds, fish, lizards and more, the real animal sites and sounds are digital catnip for your fluffy feline. The video is set to loop for continuous play, meaning you can leave it running while you are away and be assured your cats are entertained during your absence. Not only does the video bring the natural world into your home, but bonus digital treats include 3D particles and laser effects to keep your kitties hopping, pawing and truly entertained. (Pups like it, too!)

    Don’t just think kitty relaxation here, because Chi-Chi’s Adventure is an amazing stress buster for us humans, too. The vibrant footage and incredible sounds from nature give the video a calming effect I’ve yet to find in any aromatherapy candle or yoga stance. Sometimes we all need a bit of nature to bring us back into the calmer realm, and Chi-Chi’s Adventure does the trick for me, my cats...and my dogs. Stressed-out day? Put on Chi-Chi's Adventure and we're all good.

    Chi-Chi’s Adventure, which was filmed in HD and plays on regular DVD players, is being offered at the special “Mewpon” price of only $7.95, plus shipping and handling. To check out this special offer, click on this link: Chi-Chi’s Adventure.


    Music Cats Love While You Are Gone

    Another purrfect way to relax your cats is to offer them the audio pleasure of a CD made especially for them. Music Cats Love While You Are Gone is a collection of calming music and soothing sounds for the cats we love. More than an hour of relaxing music is mixed with soft nature sounds and short stories, creating a peaceful environment for cats who are left alone. 
Exotic birds, children playing and soothing voices are just a few of the sounds that come in and out of the beautiful music created especially to entertain your cat.

    The CD's composer, Bradley Joseph, performed with multi-platinum artists Yanni and Sheena Easton for more than a decade. His original compositions bring to life this incredible collection. Music Cats Love While You Are Gone is a great way to help ease separation anxiety and calm your cat family in your absence. Playing it often can provide memories of familiar sounds. Playing the familiar sounds and voices on the CD could lower anxiety levels when loud noises from nearby construction creates chaos for your kitties. Click on the link for the pricing: Music Cats Love While You Are Gone.

    Think calm this holiday season and give your kitties – and yourself – two special treats that delight and entertain the senses. Enjoy the beautifully photographed and lovingly produced DVD, Chi-Chi’s Adventure with your kitties, and calm those little kitty nerves with Music Cats Love While You Are Gone.

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  • Acro-Cats Show is Purrfect Fun

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    Acro-Cats Show Gives Audience a Fun, Educational Experience

    The famous performing house-cat troupe, The Amazing Acro-Cats, has announced a series of shows in the southern states, starting with Austin, TX and following on to San Antonio,TX, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA. and Florida. This entertaining show is the purrfect remedy for a workday that’s gone to the dogs, and promises smiles, laughs and plenty of “ahhh’s” for all ages.

    The Amazing Acro-Cats and the real "Pussy Cat Dolls" – the rock band, “The Rock-Cats” – prove that with a bit of diligence, and some mighty tasty kitty treats, felines can learn to do just about anything a trained pup can do – and more. You won’t see a dog walk a high-wire pushing a ball, but you will see an Acro-Cat doing just this. Many of the Acro-Cats’ tricks will encourage audience members to interact more with their own cats, creating more fun exercise time for couch-potato kitties.

    The Acro-Cats (and their staff) appear in this video, giving us a peak into the show and the on-the-road issues they face.

    Under the careful direction of Master Animal Trainer Samantha Martin, a pioneering feline behavioral expert and cat whisperer, Acro-Cats has become a sensation with cat lovers across the nation. They've also appeared on television including Animal Planet and National Geographic. The Acro-Cats performing troupe is composed mainly of orphans, rescues and strays. For more than three years, Samantha and her crew have been touring with the performing Acro-Cats and also taking homeless kittens on the road with the goal of finding them all good homes. To date, they’ve found homes for nearly 100 kittens during their travels.

    These cats need a bus.
    With more requests to tour coming in each month, The Amazing Acro-Cats spend a lot of time on the road, and to Samantha and her human helpers, the comfort, safety and happiness of the kitties is top priority. Touring is tough for any troupe, but imagine traveling thousands of miles with a troupe of cats – lots of cats, cat litter, cat food, cat toys. Samantha explained that their current RV has seen more repair shops than venues and cannot continue as dependable transportation for the cats and humans.

    Ideas for the Acro-Cats tour bus include many spots to rest and exercise.


    Using the social marketing fundraising tool, Kickstarter, Samantha started a campaign to raise the needed funds to purchase and outfit a tour bus that would safely and comfortably carry the kitties to their many destinations. Bus plans include play areas for the cats, climbing poles, resting nooks and even a permanent nursery and foster area for the homeless kittens they take on the road.

    Watch the Acro-Cats website for performances scheduled in your area. If you have a venue and want the Acro-Cats to perform in your city, contact Samantha through the information on the site. To help the Acro-Cats with their much-needed tour bus, click on the link: KickstarterAcro-Cats.

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  • Austin Pet Expo Brings New Friends to CATVIDEOS.COM

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    "Triton" was a big hit at the Austin Pet Expo as he snuggled with his caretaker.


    “Meow,” if you had a great time at the Austin Pet Expo last Saturday! We did, and many wonderful cat parents stopped by our booth to learn more about CATVIDEOS.COM. We took photos and videotaped many cats and kittens and will be featuring some of their stories in future Mews of the Day articles and in CAT CHAT blogs.

    A big shout out goes to the outstanding rescue groups at the show, with volunteers and staff working hard to get those little ones out of foster care and into forever homes. We spoke with Animal Trustees of Austin about their upcoming September 6 event to premier “Lifelines,” a series of photographs that feature pets -- including many cats and kittens -- living with the homeless population in the Austin area. This amazing series is a project by photographer Norah Levine, that honors the bond between the homeless and their pets. For information:

    We also met the great folks at Shadow Cats, where trap, neuter and return is the mantra. Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary in Dripping Springs, TX, was represented and as they say, “It’s working, one small life at a time.” Austin Siamese Rescue had a great booth and explained their organization’s efforts to foster and adopt out these beautiful cats and kittens. Austin Humane Society gave us a rundown of their successful Feral/Stray Cat Spay/Neuter Program.

    On the medical side, we met the folks at the Central Texas Cat Hospital, who gave us good information about issues such as obesity in cats and behavior related improper elimination. Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital was in attendance, and this group is near and dear to my heart, as they saved my little Ditto back in 2002, when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. A future CAT CHAT blog will talk about Ditto and his medical problems, and the efforts that were taken to save him.

    Triton is in foster care at Pawsitive Karma Rescue.

    Then, there was little Triton. Snuggled in a crate, and then held lovingly by his foster caretaker in a “baby sling,” Triton is a four-month-old kitten with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He has been sheltered by Pawsitive Karma Rescue and I’m sure this little orange tabby captured many hearts at the Expo. Triton and his situation will be featured soon in a Mews of the Day.

    If you attended the Austin Pet Expo and have photos, video and stories to share, please log in to your profile here on CATVIDEOS.COM and share with our cat parent community.

    “Mews of the Day” is a fun, enlightening look at the world of cats, large and small. Join us here on CATVIDEOS.COM, as we share news, blogs, photos and entertaining videos about -- and for -- cats.