Animal Planet's Kittens Are Too Cute

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Animal Planet's 'Too Cute Kittens' is Fun and Educational

Kittens. Close your eyes and say the the word "kittens" to yourself. What do you see? Tiny balls of furry, mewing cuteness, right? The folks at Animal Planet must have realized the human population of our entire planet would sit down and watch a television show devoted to nothing but the antics of teeny, tiny, fuzzy kittens (and puppies).They're just Too Cute!

Lovable, curious and cuddly, these babies are cuteness magnets that attract us to the television every time Too Cute airs. Who can resist watching kittens with eyes barely open, nudging each other for a spot at the table? The babies' growth and development is carefully documented and explained, as the narrarater guides us on a fun and educational journey. With extreme close-ups, we are allowed into the inner sanctum of the mother cat's kitten nursery. We watch with awe as the kitties grow stronger – and more cute – with each episode.

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Click on the photo to watch Animal Planet's Too Cute Kitten Cam LIVE!


A great way to watch kittens play in real time is with the Animal Planet Too Cute Kitten Cam, a live camera spying on tiny kitties in the Washington Animal Rescue League’s kitten room. Sometimes you'll find the resident kittens napping, while other times they’re battling for supremacy on the fun-to-scratch, cardboard replica of the U.S. Capitol building. Scenes from old Godzilla movies come to life as the kittens cling to the Capitol dome while batting at each other with outstretched paws. Be patient. Kittens sleep a lot, but when they play, they're Too Cute!

Kittens are cute. They’re always fun to watch and we humans can’t get enough. Dig into the CATVIDEOS. COM videos list where you’ll find fun kitten videos to watch and share. Then watch the live Kitten Cam provided by Animal Planet, and get ready for next week’s season premier of Too Cute.

Let the cuteness begin!

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Photos from Animal Planet's Too Cute Kittens and Too Cute Kittens Cam screen grab.