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For many people, taking a trip or vacation without a pet is like leaving a family member behind. It can be heartbreaking to think of the anxiety they feel when we leave, so many people bring their pets along no matter how far they’re going or what the mode of transportation is. Yet it’s tricky to travel with a pet, in part because they have a different set of needs when they are away from home. Flying, especially, can be rough for pets, so it’s important to know what their needs are and how to keep them safe on a plane. 

Read on to find out the best tips on preparing a pet for air travel.

Book early

Do your research on airlines and book as early as possible to ensure you can get a spot for your pet in the cabin rather than in cargo. Some airlines don’t allow pets in the cabin, and others only have a few spots available for animal crates, so booking early will give you the best chance to find a good seat and still have peace of mind that your pet will be comfortable and close by. 

This is especially important for certain breeds, and all airlines have breed restrictions, so that’s another consideration. For dogs and cats with pushed-in faces, flying can be dangerous because of the altitude; in fact, many animals have died on flights where they couldn’t get enough oxygen. 

Get a checkup

It’s imperative to take your pet to the vet before any trip to make sure they are in good condition to travel. Schedule a checkup, any vaccinations that may be needed, and have your pet’s nails trimmed to prevent them from getting snagged and causing injury during the trip. 

Consider the trip

If possible, schedule your flight for non-peak hours; these usually have fewer passengers, which will help cut down on your pet’s anxiety. Ask about a direct flight so you won’t have to change planes, which might be stressful for your animal.

Get the right carrier

Having the right carrier for your pet is extremely important for traveling. Check with your airline first to see what their guidelines and restrictions are. The carrier should be big enough for the pet to lie down, stand up, and turn around in and you’ll need to make sure you have a collapsible water bowl to put inside. 

Pack smart

Your pet will need a bag just like you. Pack his food, treats, and bottled water along with favorite toys and comfort items, a leash, bedding, a clean towel, pet wipes, plastic bags for picking up after him, medications, and flea/tick medicine. Depending on your destination, you may need to be careful about having your pet outside with you for long stretches of time. Different weather and temperatures, new environments, and being around other dogs can lead to illness. 

Bring ID

Make sure you have the proper ID for your pet on a collar and any paperwork required by the airline. Write out a tag that includes the pet’s name and other pertinent info in bold printing to attach to the carrier. 

 This article was submitted to Cat Videos by J. Brody, of Wilmington, DE