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From stalking laser pointers to tackling remote-control-operated mice, it's pretty safe to say that cats have always been avid gamers. But the advent of touchscreen gaming has created whole new worlds of enjoyment for kitties and their humans.

The newest addition to the feline gaming market? Cat Zombies, a creative blend of two pop culture phenomenons — cats and zombies. The creators of are teaming up with Austin-based Powerhouse Animation Studios to develop an action-packed tablet-based game for all ages that — yes, you heard us right — you can even play with your cat.

“We're not using 'zombie' in the sense of what we see on The Walking Dead, where there's a lot of gore involved,” explains creator Eric Dorris. “I like to look at our cat zombies as though they're the cleanest zombies around. We're taking a cute angle on the whole zombie thing.”

The goal is to create a game that not only entertains cats, of course, but humans as well — from casual players to the avid gamer looking to hone his or her hand-eye coordination.

“The idea of the game is that it's one night, and your cat has to get through a series of levels to get back home during the zombie apocalypse.” On the way, he or she will encounter a variety of characters, including cats, dogs, and birds. All the while, the game will also incorporate as many recognizable cat quirks and characteristics as possible to appeal to even the finickiest of feline enthusiasts.

There will be three different gameplay modes — human, cat, and human-cat team — the latter two of which will involve a hearty dose of laser pointer play. “The eyes of the zombie cats will glow like laser pointers and move quickly on the screen to get the cats' attention,” explains Dorris.

While the game itself hasn't been engineered yet, has partnered with Powerhouse Animation Studios to develop mock-ups of the gameplay. The Austin-based creative agency is perhaps most famous for their work on Banner Saga, DC Universe Online, and Imperium: Galactic War. The idea is that gameplay will be similar to the popular game Fruit Ninja — fun, engaging, and touchscreen-based, involving plenty swatting and swiping with fingers (and paws). And of course, the game will feature real recordings of the kinds of animal and bird noises that cats usually perk up to.

A Kickstarter has been launched to raise $85,000 to fund the development of the game, and project backers can receive everything from limited edition desktop wallpapers to having their very own cat drawn into the game as a character! Check it out here for more details.










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