Cool it, Kitty!

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FroBo Keeps Kitty’s Water Cool

Keeping outdoor kitties hydrated and cool can be a real challenge, especially during the extreme heat we have seen recently throughout the United States. Even my indoor cats enjoy it when I stock their water bowl with fresh ice cubes. It lowers the temperature of the water and treats my kitties to a bit of internal air conditioning. A really “cool” product called the FroBo keeps a supply of water chilled all day long, encouraging cats to stay cool and hydrated. And it keeps us cat parents from running to the freezer all day, grabbing ice cubes for the water bowl. FroBo is basically a frozen bowl.

The folks who created the FroBo say that unlike ice cubes requiring frequent replenishing or fountains that require electricity or batteries, this bowl cools water using a removable insert lined with non-toxic gel. After as little as two hours in the freezer (gel changes color when frozen) the insert keeps water chilled well below room temperature for up to eight hours. The durable ABS plastic bowl cleans easily and has a rubber base that prevents sliding. With the purchase of an additional Freeze Core, you can always have one chilling in the freezer, and one ready to go. The FroBo holds 24 ounces and is 2 3/4″ H x 10 1/2″ in diameter.

Check out the FroBo bowl and extra inserts at Consider this new and innovative way to help keep your cats cooler this summer, without running to the freezer all day for ice cubes! Now, that’s a treat for my kitties, and for me!

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