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Feline-themed fashions get a bad rap — remember all those tacky Christmas sweaters with cats? Not these.  We had an opportunity to try out this Sledding Cat Christmas Sweater and absolutely loved it.  Not only is it cute, fun and bright; it is extremely well made.  It is great for men and women. Believe me, you will be the hit at the party. Consider these stylish finds for your shopping list or your wish list. 



The Etsy shop Doodlecats has all kinds of cute cat accessories, but we’re just going to go ahead and own who we are with the Crazy Cat Lady badge. At $2.91, it’s a great stocking stuffer for your whole pack of cat lady friends. 




Princess Monster Truck is indisputably the style icon of our time. Luckily for us, we can now borrow a bit of her fierceness for ourselves thanks to the merchandise in her online store. The black unisex tee (and the dose of attitude that comes with it) is $28. 




The hip T-shirt seller Threadless has a whole category for cats on its website (putting kitties right up there with zombies). This tee with kittens getting the best of a dinosaur is our favorite — and we’re pretty sure it’s scientifically accurate. $20. 




We can’t leave our cats out of the fashion-y fun, although they are probably wishing deep down that we would. The Etsy shop To Scarborough Fair can set you up with some high-style headwear for your cat. Mine would look dashing in this aviator hat, $56. But just try telling him that …


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