Get Your Grumpy Cat On!

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Wear Your Grumpy Cat Face With Pride

Mashable, the social media wonder-world, has given Grumpy Cat lovers a real gem: Ten Terrific Grumpy Cat Tributes on Etsy. The folks at sorted through thousands of Grumpy Cat products posted on, and picked out ten of the best nods to the ultra-upset feline and put them in a neat little list for us.

From Grumpy Cat Coasters that are sure to give you some angst with your coffee, to a set of Grumpy Cat greeting cards and huggable GC plush toys, users have gone Grumpy Cat crazy. The frowning feline can be found on all manner of T-shirts, caps, pillowcases and even an old-fashioned, framed pendant so you can wear the furry little sad face around your neck. (Maybe it's to ward off angry dogs or birds?) You’ll also find infant wear emblazoned with a drawing of Grumpy Cat. How cute is little GC on a Onesie, especially when worn by a grumpy baby?

Grumpy baby? Grumpy Cat on a Onesie to the rescue!

We love Grumpy Cat and know that inside this kitty is just that – a kitty. Playing with the GC plush toys sure seems like a fun idea and the coasters, well, those are in a league of their own. Take a look at the Mashable Grumpy Cat picks, then explore for all the great Grumpy Cat ideas.

Four paws up to Mashable for bringing us the best Grumpy Cat Tributes from To view Mashable’s web post, go to: Grumpy Cats on Etsy

Show us your Grumpy Cat! Have you created a wearable item or usable product that bears the image of our favorite sourpuss? Just upload your photos and videos into your personal profile here on and share your creations with our cat community.

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Images and info courtesy of, littleleestudios/Etsy, Efficats/Etsy and AfternoonCoffee/Etsy

(We love your Grumpy Cat items!)

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