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Just weeks after celebrating her second birthday, Grumpy Cat attended the MTV Movie Awards at LA's Nokia Theatre, wearing a stylish bowler hat reminiscent of the one that Pharrell Williams wore to the Grammys in January. Looking as delightfully unimpressed as usual, the cat formerly known as Tardar Sauce nabbed a number of photo ops and an award for "Best Dressed."

And she even got a front-row seat. (Host Conan O'Brien quipped, "Why does Grumpy Cat have a better seat than Nick Lachey?")

Since her owner first shared photos of her on Reddit in late 2012, Grumpy Cat's trademark scowl has won the hearts of millions — and now the celebrity cat even has a movie project in the works. "It has changed our lives," says Bryan Bundeson. "She has the grumpy market cornered. All the other cats can have the happy, funny stuff."

Here are some of our favorite shots from the night:


(via The International Business Times)


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