Who's That Kooky Cat?

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Lulu Guinness Loves That Kooky Cat

Lulu Guinness (OBE), internationally known for her unique and glamorous British handbags and accessories, has crafted a line of feline-inspired accessories that lovers of the black cat will find hard to pass up. The big-eyes design is called, Kooky Cat. Along with her wonderful Cat and Mouse Umbrella, Lulu’s Kooky Cat Lily Tote and Kooky Cat Coin Purse put a new spin on “cat eyes.”  A special addition to her collection, offered at UNIQLO, is a sleeveless T-shirt that carries through the Kooky Cat “cat eyes” look with quite a touch of flair.

Kooky Cat

Fashion media instantly praised Lulu Guinness when she launched her company in 1989. They were right, as her products have been a favorite in stores and with stockists worldwide. For the T-shirt featured here, UNIQLO has once again collaborated with Lulu Guinness to create a flirty and stylish collection using the brand's most iconic prints and images, including the Kooky Cat. The classic Lulu Guinness color palette of black, white and red has been used for a touch of Lulu glamour.

Cat and Mouse Umbrella

This Cat and Mouse super-slim umbrella featuring the famous Lulu Guinness Kooky Cat, is the perfect print for the those rainy days, when you want to stand out of the crowd and show you have a bit of humor purring under that umbrella.

Round Kooky Cat Coin Purse

The Round Coin Purse in Lulu's Kooky Cat design is a playful way to keep your coins or other small items in check. Store it in your favorite handbag or give it as a perfect present to any black cat lover.

Kooky Cat Tote Bag

Add a touch of Lulu glamour to your shopping and show some love for your black cat at the same time. This cute, quirky Kooky Cat tote bag will stand out from the high street crowds whilst providing plenty of room for those essential purchases.

The Umbrella, Coin Purse and Tote can be found at:

The T-shirt can be purchased at

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Info and photos courtesy of UNIQLO and Lulu Guinness