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Specific Targeted Domain Name

We capture a huge amount of viewers just by the nature of our domain name, currently ranking in top 5 of Google for the term "Cat Videos."

Specific Target Audience

We target your audience which will give your company exposure to a specific target full of animal enthusiasts.

Highest of Quality

Premiere cat site with an unmatched quality and quantity of feline entertainment on the web.

Unique Site "Facebook meets YouTube" for the cat community...

"Best of the Best" cat videos from YouTube, Vimeo and our own unique HD footage shot by our team. Personal owner and cat profiles complete with "friending and messaging" capabilities, "Mews of the Day", discount offers and contests.

User Friendly Site

To attract viewers. These viewers will have access to a wide range of advertising companies via our Resource area which is demographically designed for local level use AND those same viewers will have ongoing views of our advertisers who choose to do banner ads in order to have exposure nation and worldwide.

Impeccable Creativity and Attention to Detail founder, director editor and producer is a 4-time National Award Winner for his productions. He is creator of our own DVDs FOR Cats...they too, can watch and be thoroughly entertained.

Multiple Packages

To engage users, metrics and reports, as well as optimizing your campaign.

Professional Staff

To help you maximize your dollar to your exact goals.

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